Chef Nico

Hi! I’m Nicolas most people call me Nic, but family call me Nico. I’m a fun down to Earth person who has a huge passion for food, traveling, and tech (ie video games). I love making everything around me beautiful. I’m here to help you with those tough cooking questions and provide you with fun and easy ideas for meals to make right at home! My love for cooking started quite young at around 5 years old. I remember helping my mom make dinner and baking delicious sweets for the holidays. Skipping forward, I realized that traditional school wasn’t for me so I decided to attend culinary school and hone in on my love for food.  There I realized that food and being creative was where I was at my best. Its true folks follow what you love and everything will fall into place! One quote that inspired me through all of this was from the brilliant Dr. Seuss:

Why fit in when you were born to stand out!

xox Chef Nico